Cheyenne PD Give Warning After Multiple Vehicle Thefts

A warning from the Cheyenne police department: don’t leave your valuables in your car.

Our William Langston reports police have seen a recent surge in burglaries from parked cars in Cheyenne. The Cheyenne police department reports that over the past 30 days, there have been over 50 reports of vehicle break ins in parking lots, much like this one. And they advise you to keep your valuable items out of sight.

“Yes, I’m definitely concerned because with the amount of burglaries that are going on, it’s not safe for it’s not as safe as it could be for people driving their vehicles and shopping and parking and especially in places, stores like this.”

Walter Hubley makes sure to check his vehicle after returning from a store.

“I mean, I just went in to Target and I came back and thankfully my car windows are still secure. First thing I did was check.”

Barbara Giersch lives in Cheyenne, and was a victim of a car burglary, herself.

“I am it happens all the time. I am driving a vehicle that has been broken in. The wallet has been stolen and a lot of money has been.”

Your Wyoming Link asked Barbara if the thieves broke a window to get inside her car:

“They did not, accidentally, we had the car unlocked.”

“I’m very concerned and they should be concerned. People are comfortable here leaving their vehicles unlocked. But that leaves me 15 minutes to leave my vehicle running while I go grab my coffee before work. But guess what? I come outside of my vehicles, gone.”

Actually, there’s another way to prevent vehicle break-ins.

“Buy a ring camera. It’s cheap as the best investment you will ever make.”

The Cheyenne police department agrees installing video surveillance can be one of the most effective ways to catch these criminals. If you or someone you know has experienced a vehicle break in or have witnessed a burglary, you are encouraged to call the detective bureau at (307) 637-6513 or you can call the silent witness line at 638-TIPS.

William Langston Your Wyoming Link Cheyenne.