Cheyenne PD: Backflow Thefts More Likely At Night

Your Wyoming Link spoke with a Detective from the Cheyenne Police Department to learn more about why thieves are targeting water backflow devices. The Cheyenne Pd says that thieves target water backlfow devices for the semi precious metals that they can resell to scrap yards. In speaking with Detective Mike Fernandez from the Cheyenne Pd, Your Wyoming Link learned that thefts likely take place in the night.

“The lack of sunlight helps them target commercial buildings and apartment complexes. Those buildings have more people on the premises during the day. However, at night the unit is more susceptible to theft. Most likely it’s happening at night a lot of these places are out of course out in the open so most likely they’re not tempted to do that in the daytime but again just like anything else anything that looks out of place we definitely would like a call on that so we can at least try to identify what’s happening.” – Det. Mike Fernandez

The Cheyenne PD says anyone with information about stolen backflow devices should contact Detective Fernandez at (307) 633-6638.