Casper Fire Officials Warn Public After Two Structure Fires

Two structure fires in Casper have officials warning residents of potential fire dangers.

The first occurred October 18th and was the result of the improper use of a space heater. The following day a fire was started by improper use of an extension cord of the space heater, the Casper Fire-EMS department stated that they would like to remind residents that all forms of heating equipment need to be treated with caution, and used in accordance with manufactures recommendations.
In regards to the extension cord, officials had this to say.

“Top three is to make sure we’re not using them for permanent wiring. Make sure we’re not overloading them with too many or inappropriate pieces of equipment and make sure that our extension cords, when we are using them, are nice and uncover they’re out in open space.

Obviously, we don’t want them to be tripping hazards, but we don’t want them underneath anything that could restrict the heat from escaping from those cords if necessary.”