Casper Fire-Ems Chief Sworn In 

The city of Casper introduces a new fire chief to the community. Our Kimberly Barroteran was there as he took his oath of office.

On Wednesday afternoon, the city swore in Casper’s new fire chief, Jacob Black, that plans to serve the community more effectively within the fire department that will benefit generations to come. Fire chief Jacob Black has been serving Casper fire-ems for 21 years in various ranks. Earlier this year, he was named interim fire chief after thomas solberg retired. Black says he’s honored to be in the position to continue serving his home.

“It’s something that I’ve always thought about wanting to aspire to. And 21 years goes by fast. A lot of hard work goes by fast and it it builds you. And all of a sudden you’re put in a position and it’s exciting, humbling and exciting.”

Black mentions over the next five years, they’ll be losing several firefighters to retirement. And through his position, one of his goals is to work with the city and the department to develop a recruitment plan.

“Over the next hundred days, I’m going to be rolling out a departmental plan on how I’m going to address where I want to direct the department and begin the strategic planning process so that we can transition through this time of change over the next five years and make sure that the department’s set up properly for success for the next generation.”

Black hopes to continue the safety of the community and firefighters as fire chief.

“Very excited for this opportunity. And we have some of the hardest working, incredible professionals in our organization. And we’re all here to serve the community and and make things better. So we’ve got a bright future ahead.”

Kimberly Barroteran Your Wyoming Link, Casper.