Breast Cancer Survivor Emphasizes Early Detection

With breast cancer awareness month coming to an end, we want to highlight those who are triumphing over the disease. Our Kimberly Barroteran spoke with one Casper resident who shares her story of surviving breast cancer.

Survivor Kathy Byron is now 15 years cancer free but retells her story to stress the importance of early breast cancer detection.

In 2007, Kathy felt a lump in her breast months after getting a mammogram that showed no signs of breast cancer. After undergoing a biopsy, she received some of the worst news of her life.

“I had to wait about I think it was almost a week before they came back and told me that I did have breast cancer and it was invasive ductal carcinoma and it was a very fast moving, aggressive type of cancer. So they then took me back in and cut more around the area where the carcinoma was to make sure they got it all. And they did. And I had no spread into my lymph nodes or anything yet, so I was very lucky.”

The rest of her treatment consisted of three months of chemotherapy and six weeks of radiation. 15 years later, she’s still worried it will come back.

“One time I had I found a lump in the area where the cancer was and had a biopsy again and it came back that it was scar tissue.”

Kathy has no family history of breast cancer and even came back negative on a genetic test. She says all women need to prioritize their breast health.

“Just pretend like everybody in your family has breast cancer and you have to check yourself. You need to come in and get your mammograms and you need to check your breasts, period. That’s just the way it is. You have to pretend like you have a great chance to get it so that you’re proactive about it because you don’t know. I know a lot of women that didn’t have family with history.”

Kathy says her story is an example of early detection helping her become a survivor.

Kimberly Barroteran, Your Wyoming Link, Casper.