Bill to Provide Crosswalk Safety Fails, Cheyenne

State lawmakers failed to pass a bill that would have provided $10 million for crosswalk safety and video surveillance, but as our William Langston reports that’s not stopping the Laramie county sheriff’s office from putting officers at crosswalks in Cheyenne.

On Monday morning, Janell Jones and Sheriff Brian Kozak will be at this crosswalk outside of McCormick Junior High, making sure drivers are not distracted and are being speed limits. But they’ll also be there to reward safe drivers with a gift.

“Some of us from for mac, the volunteers will be handing out gift cards in various school zones. “

Janelle Jones start the non profit organization “Formak” when her son was stuck and killed at the crosswalk near McCormick Middle School. Now on Monday she’ll be rewarding safe drivers.

“But yes, we will be giving out gift cards just to the safe drivers.”

Sheriff Brian Kozak will also be at the middle school. A Facebook post from the local sheriff’s department promises all law enforcement will band together to make sure an officer is stationed at each school in the county;

“Well, I’m actually going to be at McCormick Junior High with the other law enforcement leaders, because we know that there is a crosswalk and guard there that Janelle Jones, who’s passionate about this topic. And so we’re going to help her out and help her get kids to school that day.”

Sheriff Kozak believes some people need a reminder on what to do when approaching a crosswalk.

“It seems like people have kind of forgotten, you know, you got to pay attention there and slow down. So we’re going to remind people. So Monday, we’re going to, you know, set the mood straight that we’re going to be focusing countywide on school zones and then throughout the year, you’re going to see enforcement there.”

Jannelle Jones was disappointed the house bill did not make it out of the committee, but she was grateful to be able to share her son’s story.

“But it was a real honor and a pleasure to get to sit in front of the committee, the transportation committee, and tell my son’s story. And my intention was really to just advocate for child safety. And I’m hoping that in the future we might be able to continue to find solutions.”

And Janelle has this message for drivers: make sure you are paying attention when nearing a crosswalk on Monday and keep off those devices. You might just be rewarded for it.

William Langston Your Wyoming Link Cheyenne.