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“Twas the Night Before Christmas”

“Twas the Night Before Christmas”

Casper PD saved Christmas this year; by arresting the Grinch… On their Facebook page they posted their version of “Twas the Night Before Christmas”… The Grinch was realizing he had been caught. Casper police were arriving to foil his plot through the front yard and out to the field. The Grinch thought he was safe […]

US House Candidate Hageman Picks up Endorsement

Earlier this week US House candidate Harriet Hageman picked up a major endorsement from the senate’s leading Libertarian. Rand Paul the Junior senator from Kentucky confirmed his support saying, “she has a record of fighting against government overreach and will bring that same tenacity to congress. On foreign policy, she shares my view that we […]

Reverend McClendon Discusses Upcoming Music Tour Supoorting Homeless Teens in Cheyenne

“Yes, I’m celebrating 55 years, which in Colorado, I was known in the Rocky Mountain newspaper as what’s known as the Denver’s Wonderboy preacher. And I preached at the age of this age of seven, at a lot of churches in the Colorado area, not just Denver. But back in those days, we were talking […]

Rep Bill Henderson Shares Thoughts on Another Vaccine Discussion during Next Session

Bill Henderson: I mentioned to you a few weeks ago that I felt it was best way to do this. Let it play out in the court. As everyone has seen, it’s done this doing that we had a vote yesterday, I think it was in our Senate and I support the vote of our […]

December 24 Hometown Hero

December 24 Hometown Hero

The Hometown Hero for December 4th we are recognizing awards the F. E. Warren Air Force Base has received. They were were recognized for having the Best Munitions Squadron Team, Best Mechanical and Pneudraulics Section and the Best Operations Team responsible for bringing home the Klotz Trophy. Air Force Global Strike Command announced the winners […]

Representative Blake Moore Discusses New National Monument

We spoke with U.S. Representative Blake Moore about his legislation which will see the erection of a new national monument dedicated to medal of honor winners. There’s a, there’s a big effort, it’s been a big effort, a big push for several years now to get this to where it is now. And one of […]

Cheyenne Police Investigate Shooting

On Wednesday night Cheyenne police officers responded to a report of an assault with a firearm near the 500 block of west 11th street. Officers located the victim, a 29-year-old male, of Cheyenne, with an apparent gunshot wound. He was treated at CRMC and remains in stable condition. If you have any information regarding this […]