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Interior Dept Prepares to Offer Oil & Gas Lease Sales

The Interior Department is preparing to offer oil and gas lease sales on large tracts of public lands. Officials with the Biden administration’s Bureau of Land Management say in newly released planning documents that they can’t accurately determine the climate impacts from upcoming oil and gas lease sales in Western states. Officials proposed delaying sales […]

Latest Art Show from the CFD Old Museum

Will Silverstein spoke with Amanda Byzewski from CFD Old West Museum about the museum’s latest art show. “It’s a little bit different, we have a couple returning from some of our other shows. And so it’s neat to kind of get to see the different work that they submit to the show versus our regular […]

State Rep Brown Challenges Pushing Allegation

Laramie County State Representative Landon Brown is challenging an allegation that he pushed a constituent with some video obtained from the state capitol. Footage shows the accuser Jane Killingsworth offer a handshake to Brown before impeding his walking path with fellow Cheyenne State Representative Jared Olsen. As Brown approaches the far door he slips past […]

Revered Hilton McClendon Discusses Homelessness Program

We spoke with Reverend Hilton McClendon about his “I am my brother and sister’s keeper” homelessness program. Something to when it comes to the mindset of well, they’re just going to use the money for drugs involved that sort of. There’s a lot of people who are guess, right. And that’s the thing too. So […]

Smoke Alarm Testing Recommended

With the end of daylight saving time on Sunday November 7th, Cheyenne Fire & Rescue recommends testing your smoke alarms. John Kopper, Chief for Cheyenne fire rescue says roughly two-thirds of home fire deaths occur in homes with no smoke alarms, or no working smoke alarms. When smoke alarms fail to operate, it is usually […]

CPD Request the Public’s Assistance in Identifying Suspect

The Cheyenne Police Department is requesting assistance in identifying a suspect in this week’s silent witness Laramie County. The woman is suspected of shoplifting from Boot Barn on Frontier Mall on multiple occasions. The suspect appears to be a black female in her 20’s with dark curly hair. She was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, […]

WY Legislature Special Session Reconvene Nov 3

The Wyoming legislature’s special session will reconvene November 3rd as the House is in for a floor session.