AK Senator Discusses New Legislation | American Energy, Climate, and Jobs Plan

We spoke with Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan about his American energy, climate and jobs plan which he introduced alongside Senator Cynthia Lummis as the conservative alternative to the progressive’s Green New Deal.

Will Silverstein: I’m pleased to be joined by Senator Dan Sullivan. Senator, thank you so much for joining us today.

Dan Sullivan: Hey, well, great to be on the program. Thank you.

Will Silverstein: Well, thank you. Can you talk to us about the American energy, jobs and climate plan that you introduced alongside senators Kramer and Lummus?

Dan Sullivan: Yeah, well, look, I mean, the first thing we wanted to make sure we were doing was a major contrast to what’s happening right now with the Biden administration. And their far left Green New Deal policies. From day one, this President and his administration have been focused on actually driving up energy prices purposefully. They say that, by the way, it’s so they can, quote, accelerate the transition to renewables. But in the meantime, American families, working families in particular all across country are really hurting with these huge increases at the pump, home heating fuel, and is Winter’s coming. We’re seeing a real real problem with regard to energy inflation, how is hurting working families, they’ve been doing that, again, through restricting the production of American energy going after American energy infrastructure, like pipelines literally going to financial institutions, and American strong arming them not to invest in American energy projects, especially in places like my state, Alaska. So we thought it was important, and it’s Republicans right now. But I think there’s some Democrats who agree with what we’re trying to do to put an alternative vision together of competing Energy Environment agenda that’s based on American leadership. And based on American energy abundance. What do I mean by that? Our plan is focused on producing more energy, common sense, all of the above energy, yes, renewables, but continuing to produce oil, and most importantly, natural gas, you know, we have been the leader will in the world, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, you never hear that Biden and John Kerry never talked about that. But from 2005. To the present, the United States has reduced emissions by almost 15%. And it wasn’t through government dictates. It was through the innovation of the private sector, the American natural gas revolution, we believe, if we can create more of that at home, more clean energy technology, more critical minerals and rare earth elements that we have in America. And if we use that here and exported abroad, that will help with regard to jobs that will help with energy security at home. That will dramatically help with our foreign policy. Right now. Joe Biden is begging OPEC to produce more oil if you can believe that. Not America, not Alaska, not North Dakota, and it will help with the environment.